The ion eXtra system should be your go-to solution for lowering blood pressure. High blood pressure and hypertension are most commonly caused by the loss of small capillaries that are responsible for delivering blood to each of your individual cells. As one can imagine, this lowers the amount of options the blood has to flow properly and places unnecessary strain on the remaining capillaries. Loss of these essential blood vessels is most commonly cause by poor eating habits, little to no exercise, highly air-conditioned areas, and general stress. Fortunately there is a remedy to this issue in the creation of ion eXtra.

This product stops, and sometimes reverses, high blood pressure that results from the loss of blood vessels. Sealed in a small capsule, ion eXtra contains a small amount of electrolytes including chloride, potassium, magnesium, and sodium. It works be creating the appearance of an ongoing overload of electrolytes in the body. To restore balance, the body removes the actual electrolytes that are present in our sweat ducts. This, in turn, allows the body to repair damaged capillaries. Ion eXtra works 24 hours a day and produces absolutely no side effects.

It attacks the root of the problem instead of just masking the symptoms like many of the other options on the market. If this all sounds confusing, that’s ok. All you need to know is that ion eXtra works. Ion eXtra is able to lower most cases of hypertension and high blood pressure with just one 30 day course. These effects can be maintained with additional courses everything 3 to 6 months.

Ion eXtra makes it easy to lower your blood pressure. Simply take the capsules as directed uninterrupted for a full 30 day cycle. It is important to stick to a rigid schedule when taking your capsules. If you happen to miss a dose, try to take it as soon as possible and get back to your original schedule. In addition to your regular dosage, a healthy diet and lots of liquids are essential to lowering your blood pressure. It is recommended that you ingest 2.2 – 3 liters of liquid per day during a cycle of ion eXtra.

Maintaining your lowered blood pressure after your first 30 day cycle is easy! Simply make sure to complete a full cycle of ion eXtra once every 6 months. That’s all it takes! If you happen to be one of the individual who chooses to continuously take the supplement, it is necessary for you to take a 7 day break in between each cycle. This allows your body to reset itself so that you reap the full benefits of ion eXtra. It is also important to stay away from blood thinners, as they could create harmful side-effects when used in combination with ion eXtra.

Lowering your blood pressure doesn’t have to be a scary or painful experience. Start taking ion eXtra today for a fast, effective, and long-lasting method to lower your high blood pressure. For more information on ion eXtra, visit the ion eXtra site today to try it risk free.

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