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So you’ve got a new Mac and have been wondering what you’re going to do to protect it now. Whether you like it or not there’s always going to be security threats to any operating system. If you file your taxes online or do online banking and shopping you need MacKeeper.

Mackeeper is the best software to keep your machine protected. If MacKeeper detects a threat once it’s installed it will automatically clean it and ensure your system is stable and not transmitting your sensitive data to a 3rd party.

If you’re skeptical you can try it for yourself to see if you like it before you buy. MacKeeper has a fully functional 15 day free trial for you to download. The security offered by MacKeeper gets even better. Apart from their antivirus features they’ve also got an anti-theft feature.

If somebody were to steal your Mac with this software installed you’ll get detailed reports along the way every time the machine is turned on. All you have to do is go to the MacKeeper website login and click on the button that said your device has been stolen.

Once you’ve reported this MacKeeper will start harvesting information and sending you detailed reports. Not only will you get reports on where you device is you’ll also get snapshots of the person who stole it. How much better can that get? You’ll be able to hand that information off to the authorities to try and hunt you property down for you.

I like to call MacKeeper the swiss army knife of protection. There’s so many different levels of protection you can’t go wrong. The next great feature is the software’s ability to encrypt your files. IF you’ve got sensitive data stored on your drive like tax return information or other sensitive data you may want to consider using the encryption.

If somebody were to steal your device and you had your information encrypted there’s no way they’d be able to access your private information on the device. Mackeeper also comes with the ability to undelete files. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people accidentally delete a file and wish they had a backup.

Now you’ll have access to deleted files that have been mistakenly deleted. You should always try and backup your important files. MacKeeper also makes this a breeze. It’s got a fully customizable backup solution as well. Backup your files to an external drive, USB drive or even over FTP.

The feature list gets even better. Ever wanted to shred your files and have them totally inaccessible? Well MacKeeper does that as well. If you’ve got a folder or file you don’t ever want accessed ever again MacKeeper will destroy it upon request.

Next up is the cleaning feature. This comes packed with an uninstaller that will uninstall everything a specific application has installed on there. It also has a log and cache cleaner.

As you can see the feature list of MacKeeper is pretty impressive. The community is absolutely huge and almost everybody has nothing but great things to say about the software. So if you’re looking for something out of the box for your Mac you’ve finally found it.

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