I bought the Schticky awhile back ago and decided to write my own Schticky Review. So you’ve seen Vince on TV promoting the Schticky and now you’re here for Schticky Reviews. You’ve come to the right place! My sister has 2 cats so I decided to buy her the Schticky and put it to the test. She had told me she had been buying a couple of lint rollers a month that kept breaking. It was only 19.95 from the official schticky website which I decided to order from. I’ll be honest, I’d rather order my products without talking to somebody. My transactions seem to go faster and without less hassle having to speak with a sales person over the phone trying to convince me to buy more.

Let’s Get Down To How The Schticky Handles – My Schticky Review

So let me get back on track here with my Schticky Review. It didn’t take long for the Schticky to arrive and I brought it over her house. We were so amazed at the schticky’s ability to pick up all the cat hair! I mean she had cat hair all over the couches, clothes you name it. This thing worked like magic. After the roller filled up with cat hair we simply rinsed it off and it was ready to be used again! I follow up with her every week and to this day she still swears by it and is eternally grateful that I purchased it for her.

She’s got a newborn so she is really active in trying to get all the hair up so there’s no irritation to the baby. She told me she was paying a ridiculous $20 dollars a month on old school lint rollers that didn’t work! Not to mention if you’re buying the refills it can get even more costly. So for a measly $19.95 investment I’m going to have to conclude this is the best deal ever. When I made my purchase they also threw in the little Schticky which is also convenient for when you’re on the go. My sister said she keeps it in her car to get the cat hair off her seats and it has been working very well for her.

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