As a mom of a 2 1/2 year old, I understand the importance of a great teether. I was given the advise by a friend of mine to get Sophie when my daughter started teething. When I got her and gave her to my daughter, she would not put Sophie down. To this day she still loves Sophie the Giraffe.

Sophie the Giraffe was created May 25, 1961 in Paris, France. It happened to be St. Sophie’s Day so therefore, the little giraffes name became Sophie. At that time, the only animal toys that were available were only farm or pet animals. The creator, Monsieur Rampeau, wanted to come up with something different.

Sophie is so perfect because she is the perfect size and shape for your little bundle’s hands. She has a soft feel to her that’s similar to mommies skin. This can stimulate emotional and physiological responses that will soothe your baby. Sophie is 7 inches high and very light. Her long legs and neck are perfect for little hands to hold on to.

Sophie the Giraffe will also stimulate your babies eyesight. When your baby is born, their eyesight has not fully developed and by the age of 3 months, they can only see high contrasts. Sophie is visually stimulating because she will capture your babies attention because of her light body with dark spots. She is made from 100% all natural rubber and food paint. Sophie is safe to chew just like any other teether. She has a soft texture and many chewable parts including her ears, legs and horns.

My daughter absolutely loves Sophie The Giraffe and your baby will too.

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Sophie The Giraffe Teether By Vulli , 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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